Thursday, March 6, 2008

I take my vitamins with wine

The past week has been as close to hell as I have been so far this semester. It is just one thing after another. By tomorrow night I will have had: 1 test; 2 quizzes; 1 project; 3 labs; 2 shifts at the retail job; made 30 electrophoresis gels (15 of which didn't work).

So I don't want to complain, but it's somewhat inevitable. One piece of good news is that Travis and I can move out early IF AND ONLY IF we find someone to rent the apartment. So as long as someone is fabulous enough to move in by June 1st, Travis and I are on our way to real city living. Thinking of the apartment... we finished the main wall a few weeks ago. I am almost loving it. I still wanted to stain the shelves to match the wood on the couch, but I couldn't find the stain we used. Hmm. Well, here it is (if you haven't already seen it)

It's so cute. That whole area cost under $150. It just took a little time and experimentation. I decided that if I made a ton of money I would decorate for a living. I just have SO many ideas and I'd like 1,000 living rooms to put them into! Give me money and I will make your vision happen. I'd love to do that for the rest of my life. Oh my.

My mom's friend is head of PR (I think) for the Flyers, so he got Laura and me free tickets to the Flyers vs. Sabres game on Tuesday night. Unfortunately we lost, but I had fun anyway. I'm not a big sports person, but there's nothing like seeing a game in person. It's so easy to get into it! I have a few pictures, but I'll post them later.

I have a general question... Why don't people like beets? I mean fresh beets. Canned vegetables shouldn't count as vegetables. Anyway, why do people cringe at the mere mention of this delectable root? Roasted beets have such a wonderful sweet and earthy flavor. And such a beautiful color! As I type this entry, I worry that my beet-stained fingertips might be contaminating the pristine white of my laptop. So far, so good. Beets are just amazing. In salads, in slaws, in soups, roasted and dappled with soft cheese... There are so many ways to enjoy them. I'm sad for all the people who refuse to try beets. So if you're curious about the beet (I know, it's very mysterious and misunderstood) I suggest you buy a bunch. Make sure their greens and stems look fresh. Trim the stems, wrap the beet in tin foil and bake it for about an hour. Unwrap your new little treat, wait a few minutes and peel off the skin. Slice your beet and enjoy. I like to eat mine in salad or with some goat cheese. They're also delicious with pickled fennel and bleu cheese.

Just eat a beet. Please. You'll love it. I know you will.

As for me, I'm bringing my leftover beets to lunch tomorrow. Maybe I could entice a few people. Ah time to study, however. Cell membranes (which make me think about beets and all of their lovely beta cyanin) and their transport proteins await me!

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