Wednesday, February 27, 2008


So I've been pretty busy recently. Hence the lack of weekly post! Work is beginning to pile up, and professors really like giving tests back-to-back. It's been great, really. Let me think about the past few weeks...

Honestly, not much has happened aside from school nonsense. Travis and I did get a Wii, though! We must have called every Game Stop and Best Buy in the Philadelphia area for weeks on end. Travis got lucky last Monday when he found a Wii at the Game Stop in the ghetto. I had to take a little adventure by myself, which ended in my driving over a curb to get into the parking lot. It was interesting. But we have the Wii and that's what matters, right?!

Other than that, nothing. My sister got a puppy for her birthday, so we went to New Jersey last weekend to see the new baby. She's pretty adorable! Her name is Dolce and she's 11 weeks old. I had no idea she was going to be so small! She's about the size of a guinea pig! Too cute.

Miss Dolce and Big Ol' Lenny

My sister Sarah and her baby


Spending a little quality time with Lenny

I also have some videos of the new puppy (plus some of my stupid kitties!) on YouTube. They're too cute!

Let's see if I get a new (and more eventful) post up next week!

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