Thursday, August 7, 2008

Birthday Saga + My Mega Wish List

Things have been pretty good since my birthday. Well, except my birthday (at first). So I predicted stormy weather, and was greeted by the apocalypse. I called a friend who lives in Wilmington and she told me that she couldn't come up because the weather was a serious monsoon, but I foolishly laughed and said, "It's not even drizzling up here!" About 25 minutes later the rain started, then the thunder and lightning, and then the 1000 mph gusts that turned our umbrellas inside out, more thunder, followed by some lovely birthday hail, and topped off with a few buckets of water. I found myself soaked from head to toe in front of a mysteriously closed falafel restaurant. I decided to head into the Starbucks to meet up with my friend (and attempt to dry myself off) when I realized that my arms were stained bright blue. Oh yes, the cute little thrifted electric blue clutch I was carrying got wet and leaked its dye all over my torso. And a little on my face. The torture did not stop there. There were no paper towels in the bathroom, so I had to wring out my clothes and try to dry out a little under the hand dryer. Oh and it was too late to even think about buying some dry clothes, as all the shops in Center City close around 8. Oh and I left my cell phone in the bathroom. A nice man found it, called my dad, and then Travis went and got it. Happy Birthday to me.

I wound up hanging around Jimmy's apartment for a while (although his girl did not own a hair dryer, and that was my main goal in going to his place). Any restaurant that might be open after 9pm (and would accept sopping wet patrons) was closed due to "flash flooding," and I resorted to eating Sunshine Trail Mix for dinner. I did also go to Dirty Frank's and drank a large quantity of beer. I don't remember getting inebriated, but I did have fun.

So maybe I should get to the goodness of my life. I had a job interview last Thursday for a seriously real job. It might not be exactly what I was looking for, but I think that I could be happy there for the next year. The interview went insanely well, and I should hear within the next week if I got the job. It's actually an hour away from my apartment, but it would be worth it. Plus if I get it, I'm going to buy a new car and I think I'd like to be driving it a bit. I've also picked out the new couch I want. Not to mention my very large Google wish list. There are just so many things...

Travis also has a promising job lead. He had an interview on Tuesday and hopefully we'll hear about that by the beginning of next week. If we both had jobs... there would be so much new furniture... and probably a flat screen TV. And definitely a new car. Oh and the new iPhone. Oh and a vacation. We wouldn't be poor college students anymore!!!

Last Friday Travis had his birthday, and we went to see Ariel Pink at the M Room. I wasn't exactly sure what to expect of the bar as I heard mixed reviews. People said it was pretentious, but I just think those people are too self-conscious. I like $2 PBRs, fun friends, and crazy times. I'm glad I was drunk otherwise I would have been annoyed by the assault on my cutely sandaled feet. The next morning we went to Honey's Sit n Eat and had a delicious brunch. Love it. I think we'll go back tomorrow night for dinner.

Ariel and Jimmy

Next week is the lake trip. It will be me plus all of Travis's family plus Enno. It will be interesting. I'm bringing a lot of busy activites. They like to go water skiing, but I don't care for it. I have books, beads, guitars and keys, paints and pens, and magazines. I think that will be a few days worth of things to do! When I say there will be pictures, I actually mean it.

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