Monday, April 20, 2009


I fail at blogging. It's ok. I really won't attempt to pick up where I left off, but here's a bulleted list of my life updates...

  • I quit my job at the hospital. I couldn't take the godawful hours of 11p-7a. I was tired of talking to the dying elderly and drunks. Plus I really can't stand working in a place where everyone gets all worked up over having to follow rules. Just do your damn job and stop complaining. I will miss most of the nursing staff and my other night crew pals. They really made the job worthwhile in the first place.
  • Travis and I signed a lease for a house in Fishtown. You may scoff at the mention of this underrated neighborhood, but if you saw our block you might consider living there. It's a whole house with a basement, 2 bedrooms (really 1.5 or 1 and a dressing room), and a courtyard all for $950 a month. I am so stoked and have been counting down the days to move in (about 35).
  • I've decided to apply to a MPH program. I don't like hospitals, I don't like sick people, and I don't like debt. So I don't think med school is really the route I want to take. I think I'd be much happier doing almost anything in Public Health.
  • Travis has a full-time job at an advertising agency in the city. He started out doing a little freelance work, but the hired him within 2 or 3 weeks. He's officially a Computer Graphics Specialist, but he does many things including web design, some print work, and most recently illustration. This job has probably been one of the greatest things to happen for us. He's out of the house during the day, we can pay all of our bills, and we have a positive balance every month.
That might be it. I don't know, but those are the most important things I guess.

We finally had beautiful weather last weekend. I happily spent most of my time outside, and even more happily with a beer in my hand. On Saturday I went to my first Taco Night, which is hosted by one of Travis's friends from work. It was amazing fun, but the night ended on a strange note with someone getting shot in the head with a pellet gun. Our party was using a sling shot to fly squeezed lemon and lime halves around the neighborhood, and I guess a disgruntled neighbor decided to fire back with a pellet gun. It was messed up, but I've lived in this city long enough to know that you do not mess with your neighbors. No one was seriously injured, but it kind of ended Taco Night. I'm totally looking forward to the next one, although I doubt anything will be flying around the neighborhood.

Even the most perfect weekend has its flaws. Unfortunately this weekend brought my sister to the ER with a collapsed lung. She's alright, but still in the hospital. It was a spontaneous pneumothorax, and no one is really sure just why it happened to her. I feel so bad that she had to sit in a hospital bed all weekend. She loves laying in bed, but it's different when you're stuck there with no control over leaving! I just wish I could've been there to read her gossip magazines and make fun of old people or something.

This post was sort of boring. I think the next one will be better. I'm going to start posting all my interior decorating brainstorming sessions. I have one month to finalize everything that I've been working on for the passed two months. I love getting a new house!

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