Monday, April 27, 2009

Step 1

Every time Travis and I move to a new apartment we swear up and down that this will be the time we put effort into decorating. We're both design savvy. We both love seeing our plans come together. Plus we love shopping. We came close last time with our East Falls apartment. It took about 1.5 years, but we did a pretty good job (especially considering we did it on a nearly nonexistent budget). When we moved into the loft, Travis was pretty set on making it into an amazing space. But once we priced out the cost of walls, rugs, and storage we realized it would be too much money to put into a space that we weren't going to stay at longer than one year.

This time is going to be different! And I mean that. We will have a house on a quiet street with nice landlords. And now that we finally have money, our design visions can be achieved (within reason). I've decided that the first step will be choosing paint colors.

After playing around on Adobe's Kuler site (which can be soooooo addicting!), I formed a few color pallets. Travis and I pretty much agree on everything except the bedroom. While our pallets are pretty similar, I think that each would totally change the feeling of the room.

Here's my choice:

The lavender/lilac color would probably be on all of the walls (although we might just do one accent wall with the other walls being the light grey). The dark grey would be the duvet cover, green would be used in accent pillows and probably some plants, and the pinkey/cream color would be used in the pillows, rug, and curtains.

Here's Travis's choice:

The blue would be the main color (although maybe just an accent wall with the light grey still going on the other walls). Same dark grey duvet cover, same rug and curtains. The red-orange would be the accent color.

Our bedroom furniture is dark brown, so really either color combination would work. But the colors would have to also carry into my office/dressing room. I guess that's the main issue. If the colors were just going to be for the bedroom I probably wouldn't care much, but they also have to go in my office space. I really could live with, and be happy with, either set. I'm just not sure...

But we do have the color pallet decided for the living room!

We wanted to have some of the same colors through out the house. I had originally wanted to do cream, but Travis changed my mind and we are going with light grey. The mustard yellow will be on the wall directly across from the front door, so it will be very dramatic. We've pretty much picked out all of the furniture and accessories. Travis is going to build us a lovely sideboard, and I'm really excited about that. It will be his first real woodworking project. Luckily his Dad is a bit of an expert. I just can't wait to start shopping and painting. I've been planning everything for the past almost 2 months, so it will be really fun when we can actually get started. I am not looking forward to painting, but everything should get done in a weekend. It's a small house afterall.

Maybe next time I'll have some inspiration photos to post.

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