Friday, February 1, 2008

ta da

To Do List:
  • Clean out the hall closet
  • Hang the lamps
  • Stain the shelves
  • Devise a hanging method for the polaroids
  • Drink more beers
Obviously my life is exciting. Honestly this is the first weekend we've been home (and not sick) for a while. It's so easy to be pulled in twenty different directions these days. Luckily we have understanding families. But I'd really like to get all of the loose ends of the apartment tied up before parties start popping up.


Anyway. This has been a tiring week for me. Labs officially started back up on Monday, which always adds to the stress of my life. Two quizzes topped it off. Meetings helped. Plus application stresses. Oh my. And that was just school.

My Uncle died last Saturday; he had pancreatic cancer. The viewing was last night so that was pretty depressing. I always feel so awkward when death is concerned. I have no personal problems with death and loss, but I just never know what to say to anyone. "I'm so sorry," is pretty standard. It's typical in my family to say, "Oh I like your hair. Is that a new style?" instead of real
ly talking about what happened. I have no problem, but some people do. The worst part of it all was the open-casket viewing. No one ever looks like they did during life. I've seen a lot of dead people, but it's just so much easier when you don't know them. I'll really miss "pull my finger" at Christmas...


My mom gave me this plant a few weeks ago. Her plant ha
d babies (hehehe) and she couldn't just get rid of them! So I asked her to nourish the baby into a healthy and Colleen-proof state. I took my plant home, put him on the shelf (his name is Mr. Plant) only to find that my fluffy cat Miso really likes nibbling on his leaves! So I moved Mr. Plant to a new locale, one that was not really conducive to kitty exploration. Well miss princess tried to eat the plant again! I caught her in the act.

She's already munched down two leaves! Bad cat! She got a little scolding, but it obviously has no effect. She's the type of cat who scratches on the couch, gets yelled at, but stares you right in the eyes and keeps scratching. She knows what she's doing, that sassy girl. Sass must be contagious in my house.

This is Miso after her scolding:

She was still thinking about eating Mr. Plant. Good thing he is non-toxic.

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