Sunday, February 3, 2008

Weekend Recap

Well, if you lived in my house you would know that 0 items from my To Do List were accomplished. The weekend technically is not over, so the closet will probably get cleaned out and I will definitely drink at least a few beers.

The weather was just too nice yesterday to stay inside and clean. After sleeping in (yay!) Travis and I picked up Laura and went into the city. After my 30 minute parking search, I gave up and parked in a garage. We just browsed around Walnut and Chestnut for a few hours. I have a hard time buying clothes this time of year. Spring lines abound, but I just can't justify hiding bright yellows and blues behind my black wool coat of winter. I'll wait a few months. Once mid-April hits I should have a little money saved up, and the weather should be better.

So after shopping Travis, Laura, and I went to Tampopo on 21st for dinner. If you're looking for something light yet filling, try one of their bento boxes. My personal favorite is spicy chicken breast. Tampopo is also one of the only places
(along with the underground grocery store in Chinatown) where I can find my favorite iced tea .

Ito En Green Tea

Travis getting ready for his fabulous dinner.

Laura being silly.

Pure Sass, as usual.

As for the upcoming week... things shouldn't be too crazy. I'm in a constant state of suspense concerning my med school applications. All checks have been cashed, meaning they're at least looking over my stuff and I should have some sort of decision coming my way. I would like to know if I need to look for a job, or if I should begin to enjoy my last few months of freedom! Oh well, we'll see soon enough.


Comrade Martin said...

Mmm, green tea. You know, down in Chinatown, you can get some kick-ass Asian tea. Personally, I love Jasmine and Oolong tea. Aww yeah.

Colleen said...

I love all tea! Well, all tea except Chrysanthemum tea. That kind of tastes like celery.